2016 Masters Artists Workshop

Ceramics • Jewelry and Metals

Paducah School of Art and Design

West Kentucky Community and Technical College


PSAD workshops 2016

With the launch of our Master Artists Workshops program in the Summer of 2014, PSAD positioned itself within a national context and set the stage for the years ahead with an exciting selection of workshops in ceramics and metals. Our inaugural year featured artists Susan Beecher, Jessica Calderwood, Harris Deller, Martha Grover, Doug Harling, Tova Lund, John Neely, and Craig Rhodes. Our second workshop program in Summer 2015 offered an equally impressive selection of experiences and presenters including Chris Baskin, Fong Choo, Jason Hess, Victoria Lansford, Tim Lazure, Sharon Massey, Lisa Naples, and Jen Townsend.

PromotionTim Lazure • Stone Setting Intensive

PromotionYoshi Fujii • Carving and Surface Embellishment

PromotionSunshine Cobb • Discovering the NEW in the OLD

This year’s program once again focuses on ceramics and small metals, featuring intensive workshops with nationally recognized artists and experienced workshop presenters Sunshine Cobb, Yoshi Fujii, Jill Gower, Elaine Henry, and Tim Lazure, who is returning for a second year.

PSAD is a division of West Kentucky Community and Technical College, which has been recognized as an Aspen Prize Top 10 Community College each of the three years the Prize has been awarded, and named a Finalist of Distinction twice.

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