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Ceramics Lab in Madison Hall


Completed in January 2013, this historic 6,700 square foot studio facility houses PSAD’s ceramics and small metals programs. The ceramics facility features separate studios for wheelthrowing and handbuilding, along with a glaze mixing room, glazing room, artist-in-residence studio, electric kiln room with three Olympic kilns, including a FL20E, and gas kiln yard. The kiln yard features a sizable test kiln, full-size soda kiln, Bailey Pro Shuttle 40 car kiln, a Raku kiln, and a wood kiln. The studios are equipped with 16 wheels, a clay mixer, extruder, pug mill, clay roller, spraybooth and spray guns, sandblaster, and an extensive collection of carts, studio furniture, and stainless steel tables.


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Soda Kiln, Updraft Kiln, Bailey Gas Kiln, Electric, Raku and Wood Kilns


The metals program is supported by three studios, the largest of which features 14 jeweler’s benches, each of which is supplied with acetylene gas and torches, and magnified task lamps.  The casting and enameling room features enameling kilns, a large programmable oven, Foredom flex shaft systems, a beadblaster, electroplating equipment, a centrifuge, and related casting equipment. The forming room features floor and bench shears, a hydraulic press, rolling mills, and a variety of stumps, anvils, saws, forming tools, and stakes. The studios are also equipped for etching various metals and all studios feature state of the art ventilation systems.


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Small Metals Lab in Madison Hall

Sculpture Building

Clay, Metals and Wood

Sculpture Building

PSAD’s new 6,700 square sculpture facility is located on the Madison Hall property within the historic Lower Town Arts District. Scheduled to open in Fall 2014, it includes distinct studios for woodworking, metals fabrication, and clay modeling, along with and a wax and plaster room in support of an outdoor foundry. The woodworking shop includes a full range of floor and bench mounted power and hand tools for sawing, shaping, sanding and finishing. The metals fabrication studio houses four welding booths, TIG, MIG and acetylene welders, bending brakes, tube benders, and metal cutting saws and shears. The clay modeling room includes 16 sculpture stands, a modeling stand and an extensive array of shelving. The mold making room includes a slurry room and slurry mixer, cement mixer, and state of the art ventilation systems throughout. The foundry is equipped with a MIFCO B-702 metal melting furnace, pit mounted under a covered area outdoors. Each of the studios features overhead sliding doors with access to a continuous covered work area along the back of the building.

2-D and Graphic Design Building

2-D and Graphic Design Building

All of PSAD’s 2-D programs are located in the historic 30,000 square foot 2D and Graphic Design Building at 905 Harrison Street,  adjacent to the Ceramics/Small Metals and Sculpture buildings in Lower Town. Completed in Spring 2016, the building houses computer labs for Visual Communications, Multimedia, and Digital Photography, and a fully equipped photo studio with a Speedotron 2403CX 3 lighting system and related equipment. Additionally, he building houses painting and drawing studios, a library/reading room, 2D Design studio, conference room, recording studio, lecture hall, the 1,600 square foot Bill Ford Gallery, and other public spaces.

The computer labs are equipped with 27″ iMac computers, Epson P600, P800, P9000, Photo Stylus 7900 and 9900 printers, as well as Epson V750, V800, and 10,000 Expression XL scanners. The multimedia and photography programs are supported by Lumix GH4, GoPro, and Canon Mark II cameras and lenses.

The bistro style Kitchens Café is also located on the property, providing dining, catering, and educational experiences under the umbrella of West Kentucky and Community College’s culinary arts program. Facility rentals are available for the café, courtyard, and gallery, among other spaces within the building. There is onsite parking for 60 vehicles and the building is LEED’s certified.

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