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Associate in Fine Arts (AFA)

The Associate in Fine Arts degree is designed for students who are primarily interested in studying the visual arts. This degree is for students preparing to work in the field of visual arts, and for those who wish to transfer into four-year universities or art schools that grant the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. Students take 25 credit hours of General Education requirements and an 18 credit fine arts core. The fine arts core consists of six classes that create a strong foundation for success in the practice of studio art. Students must also complete 18 hours of studio art electives from a wide variety of studio art courses such as ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and digital imaging, and printmaking.

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Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

The Advertising and Design curriculum emphasizes creative problem solving and insight into the mix of art and technical competence to better prepare students for successful careers in graphic design, advertising design, photography, digital media design, digital video and filmmaking production, and multimedia creation in a highly developed consumer economy driven by sales and marketing activities. Prospective employment opportunities are in advertising agencies, graphic design studios, news media, photographic studios, film and video production studios, department stores, and other creative services departments and businesses.

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